• Battle Of The Supernatural: Bonus Round - Carmilla
  • Round 2 - Ship : Pocahontas
  • Battle Of The Supernatural: Bonus Round - Dorian Gray and Carmilla
  • The Dragon Queen and the Kraken's daughter

  • Kai
  • Gaia
  • Flamingos & Hedgehogs | Alice in Wonderland Croquet
  • Narsha

  • Give Me Something That Will Haunt Me When You're Not Around
  • No She Don't Mess Around
  • Take All The Love You've Given
  • I Can't Relate To My Peers
  • spacelava
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  • I can feel it in my bones in a way that I've never felt before // bots
  • I can't keep calm, I can't keep still, Persephone will have her fill // bots
  • Honey here I go again, down that crooked road of sin // tgl
  • Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my trouble and pain // botuoc

  • Too Dry to Cry
  • This Too Shall Pass
  • Deep Waters
  • Smoke

  • Passionate from miles away, passive with the things you say.
  • Que estando triste cantava.
  • Fica-se logo perdido com vontade de chorar.
  • Loucura.
  • neusex
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  • you're a crook, I'm a thief ~ you're the heart, I'm the beat ~ we're a mess, but we try {gd}
  • ready or not {gd}
  • Delicate in every way but one (the swordplay) // God knows we like archaic kinds of fun (the old way) {gd}
  • Malama pono {cc}

  • [TGL] I'm upside down I'm inside out.
  • [ATT] Can't you see all the flowers dying all around you.
  • [ATT] But I came to love you anyway so you pulled my heart out.
  • [CK] Come on now touch me, baby.
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  • Just a little something
  • You're not that pretty But my eyes keep going to you [TGIV]
  • new dying reason: going to see Dean live
  • dying from the gallant x tablo x eric nam collab
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  • desdemona, won't you liberate me? when i'm haunted by your ancient history//close these green eyes and watch over as i sleep, through my darkest of dreams
  • @ update #3
  • but on and on, from the moment i wake, 'til the moment i sleep//i'll be there by your side, just you try and stop me || BotR
  • zero-one-one-one-zero-zero-one-one, crying zeros and i'm nearing one-one-one//lifeless back slaps the surface of the pool, pool killer, killer, pool, pool killer//kiss me || AMTIM